How Magick Works

How Magick Actually Works – Part 1

There are many people who are curious as to how the Occult/Magick actually works. Without giving away too much, we will reveal the basics on the subject to enlighten the layman and the novice alike. In order to understand Magick you must first grasp the mundane constructs of the Magickal world: 1. Cause and Effect… Continue reading How Magick Actually Works – Part 1

Demons, Spirits and Entities, Spellcraft and Rituals

Working With versus Worshipping

For thousands of years humanity have worked with or worshipped gods from all corners of the Earth. Gods like Ea, Baal, Shamash, Tyr, Cernunnos, Orcus, Poseidon etc all have one thing in common, irrespective of cultural differences: Mankind. Humanity has found magnetism within the folds of the unknown - some attributed this magnetism to “The… Continue reading Working With versus Worshipping


Divine Gemini / Twin Flames

We are asked many times about the subject of Twin Flames, Soulmates – whatever you would like to call this. We suppose it could be because when people look at us, they see proof of this, and this makes them wonder about the subject matter. Nonetheless, we will discuss this subject a bit – shedding… Continue reading Divine Gemini / Twin Flames

Demons, Spirits and Entities

Experience versus ignorance

One of our Facebook friends started a thread stating that the Goetia is nothing but mental constructs; that a few of them aren't, but the vast majority are. So, deciding to voice our opinion, we naturally agreed - after all, we have our experience and evidence to back it up (those of you who bought… Continue reading Experience versus ignorance


The 18th Infernal Key – Audio

We have incorporated the 18th Enochian Key into music to assist in the gnostic application thereof. As with the previous mp3 file, The Valknut Awaits Ragnarok, you can download the song here on our Free Occult Library page. For those of you who don't know the 18th Key, here follows both the English version as… Continue reading The 18th Infernal Key – Audio