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Karma Police

Karma, karma, karma...for some reason, when certain people think about Magick, they think of Karma. That "if you curse someone, you will experience bad things in return" or "if you are a nice person, bad things won't happen to you". This blog post is all about our personal view on "karma" which is not based… Continue reading Karma Police

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A Rite of Grand Necromancy

When the Necromancer wishes to contact or initiate tutelage under a Matriarch of Death, he/she must adhere to the following guidelines in order to make a success of this undertaking. If you fail in this endeavour - contact us. Part One: • Visit a cemetery on a Wednesday night, exactly 10 pm. • Leave three… Continue reading A Rite of Grand Necromancy

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The Magickal Uses of Fauna and Flora

Most forms of Magick make use of various plants, minerals, stones etc to achieve a particular result in spellwork or evocation. To find a protective or cleansing spell that incorporates Sage and Salt, or a curse that incorporates Asafoetida and Cayenne Pepper is commonplace – but have you ever thought if these things actually carries… Continue reading The Magickal Uses of Fauna and Flora



Walking, going places…here and there - taking in all that humanity can be. Seeing the plastic whores trying to lure the macho child-men into their acidic embrace. Feeling their eyes upon us…prodding, yet never daring to comment…wise in your fucking stupidity. Tick Tock, Tick Tock...your time is running out. Have you ever seen a Komodo… Continue reading Thoughts

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Occult Science: The Contraceptive and Transmutable Biology of Physical Spirituality

Things are never as they are presented to be – this is the motto of this blog post. This post may be longer than our others, and of a very strange topic, however we implore you to read it properly right through to the end, as a few very interesting things will be discussed herein.… Continue reading Occult Science: The Contraceptive and Transmutable Biology of Physical Spirituality