Five reasons to stop relying on the external

images (48)Most individuals who set foot into the world of the Occult Arts (and even some adepts) think that in order to get anywhere at all in this elusive practice, you must rely only upon external forces (such as Spirits, Beings etc) as there is no way that you by yourself can obtain any kind of spiritual power or authority without them. Well, we’re about to tell you that if you reason like the above, you will get nowhere without them, yes – but only because of your belief in this. Believe it or not, you do not need any external assistance in order to grow spiritually, to develop your faculties or to achieve your goals! Do not believe us? Let’s elaborate…

Once, we too thought this and relied heavily upon external forces in all our practices. More dedicated and devoted practitioners you would not have found anywhere! Needless to say, due to a series of events, we realised that we didn’t need them – hell, we never needed them – and all that we were doing is neglecting our own spiritual growth, instead spending it on our devotion. This was a bitter pill for us to swallow indeed, as you can imagine. Fast forward until today, in our own personal practices, we use no external forces whatsoever – yes, you read it right. The only time we do so is on behalf of clients, if they request it. Everything we do, everything we achieve, everything we obtain is simply due to our hard work, dedication, Will, and faculties. Believe us or don’t, that is up to you – however back to the matter at hand…why you should stop relying on the external.

Wearing down your knees

Most individuals are drawn to Magick and the Occult due to their frustration with their previous religious beliefs. Irrelevant of how dedicated you are, irrelevant of how devout you are, you spent more time begging and pleading with whichever deity…but to little or no avail. So, due to this, you decide to step over the threshold into the Occult world. Good for you! However, now you exchange one form of worshipping for another. Granted, you might see some results working with various Spirits, Daemons, Beings etc etc…but at the cost of what? You still end up on your knees, in supplication to something else.

Stunting your own spiritual growth

All the time, energy and effort you put into being subserviant unto something else can be used to further your own spiritual growth, abilities and power. These Beings might grant you small boons for being in their service, however it is scraps in comparison to what you would gain if you actually spent that time in service to yourself. Many adept practitioners who claim to be “all powerful” is actually riding on the backs of others…and if you remove all their spiritual allies – they themselves have no power at all. Do you want power you can call your own? Or are you fine with borrowing scraps?

Being dependant on something else

It is human nature that if you want something, you want it now. In life however, it rarely works this way – it’s always one thing or another that’s holding you back. Working with external forces is no different. You might be the one to request something to happen etc, however the outcome is not up to you…essentially, you’re resting it in the hands of something else. Now, this can cause a lot of things – delays, misinterpreted requests, unfulfilled requests…you name it. But the main thing here, is that you do not rely upon yourself! You would rather place the success or failure in the hands of another, instead of getting your own hands dirty in persuit of your desires! Ladies and gentlemen, the Occult is about getting your hands dirty – not sitting with gloves on!


Have you ever felt that rush of ego and accomplishment after you have achieved something you always wanted to, and you have done so by yourself? It’s one of the most amazing feelings in this world, without a doubt. Have you considered that if you employ an external force on a case, and it is a success – it’s success is not due to you. Thus, you cannot say that you have succeeded, when in fact, something else succeeded on your behalf. The same goes the other way around, if you fail by your own capabilities, you learn from your mistakes and rectify them. However, if you employ a Being and it fails, you will never earn that valuable experience. Step up and take responsibility…or are you afraid?

We do hope that these initial five reasons will at least get you thinking for yourself a bit. Needless to say, we know that this conflicts with many practitioners’ beliefs…however the above is not written out of ignorance, but out of experience. Remember that the Occult is not about serving others, but serving yourself…never forget this. If you start neglecting yourself and your own development, it’s time to rethink your practice.

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