Spiritual Psychology

The truth about dream interpretation

In each of us is another whom we do not know. He speaks to us in dreams and tells us how differently he sees us from the way we see ourselves. – C G Jung

images (47)Since the dawn of humanity, dreams have both facinated and terrified all who has ever lived. So much so, that people started to become determined to decode the arcane messages received through dreams. By all means, there is nothing wrong with this at all – in fact, dreams do carry meanings…however it is not nearly as simple as you would expect it to be. In order to understand the meaning of dreams, you must understand where they come from…

Dreams are a direct product of the subconscious “communicating” with the conscious. You can see the subconscious as being your true self, and your conscious as being the “physical” reasoning of the self. Now, even though both is part of you, the reasoning between the two differs greatly. The conscious cares only of the “here and now” primal aspects of life: food, sleep, etc whereas the subconscious is the promethean aspect of self which cares little of the trivial matters of this world. Now, the subconscious is a very vast and powerful thing – but the conscious is very primal and limited in it’s nature..so in order for the subconscious or “higher self” to instruct the conscious on something, a dream occurs.

This being said, not all dreams you get mean anything significant at all – some are mere reflections of stress, anxiety and fear. These usually take the form of nightmares – things which disturbs you well into waking moments. If you get a nightmare, do not automatically think you are “under spiritual attack” or such…no. Mostly, nightmares occur to force you to deal with something you are harboring or trying to avoid – it may be “harsh”, but by shocking the conscious mind via a nightmare, it essentially forces you to deal with it.

Other nonsensical dreams occur when a particular matter has been on your mind a lot, and due to this, your subconscious believes that it is somehow “important” to you, and thus shows it in dreams.

Now, on to dreams that actually has meaning and how to interpret them. If you think that buying a book of “dream meanings” will actually be worth your time and money, forget it. See, those books are based on the psychological average of a group of people, and the meanings are produced as such. This may work for some people, but definately not all – the images in dreams are subjective to the dreamer’s opinion of it. As an example, Tom has a phobia of snakes – thus if he dreams of snakes, it indicates something bad…however Bob adores snakes – thus if he dreams of snakes, it indicates something good and so on. There is no compendium of meanings to suit every single person out there at all – thus interpreting dreams are very complex and requires a lot of insight.

Another thing which not a lot of people know, is that at times, the meaning of the dream is the opposite of what it indicates…birth is death and death is birth etc. This isn’t always the case, but some indicators in the dream itself gives this away.

Lastly, a dream cannot be accurately interpreted if the interpreter is given a “general” overlook of the dream – no. The smallest of details plays a very, very large role. How many of your senses were active in the dream? Was it day, night, dusk etc? Did you see recurring images? Were you merely an “observer” or an active participant? Even the smallest detail can completely change the meaning of any dream.

Now, to cover the usual ideas of external forces communicating through dreams. Yes, this does happen – but the vast majority of your dreams are not – we repeat ARE NOT – from external sources, but from yourself. The reasons for this is numerous. It takes a lot of power to influence someone’s dreams, and even more if they are not opening themselves up to you…and let’s be honest, why would anything spend all that effort just to send you a dream? Nonetheless, it does happen, but we assure you that you do not receive dreams from external forces on a nightly basis.

And last but not least – curses. Yes, curses do influence dreams – but not as typical nightmares. Besides, there are numerous indicators if one is cursed, and a lot of nightmares is not valid proof to suspect being cursed.

So, even though dream interpretation is a bit of a dying Art, it’s still rooted in some of humanity’s deepest recesses…and as interpreters ourselves – take our word for it: it’s not nearly as easy as you might think.

Psychology and the supernatural walks a fine line. – Baron Araignee



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