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Choosing the perfect paradigm

IMG_20180611_201106When first entering the world of the Occult, all the different paths and paradigms are undoubtedly quite overwhelming and confusing to the neophyte – in fact, we are often asked by many individuals which path we believe would suit them best. Naturally, we cannot just “order” them to follow a particular path – in fact, no one can prescribe a particular path for you, except yourself – however, below we will detail how we advise them to choose a path of practice.

First off – let us look at the paths and paradigms of magick. A lot of people prefer to classify magick under the terms “white magick”, “black magick”, “grey magick” etc – however, personally we believe this to be false. There is no blatant difference between “black” and “white” magick at all – this classification is brought on by individual perception and morals. What is acceptable practice to one, may be offensive to another – and thus the “color” classification of magick is born. Naturally, one will find paths of a “darker” or “lighter” nature…however you must always remember that they co-exist – one cannot exist without the other. Just as the Black Mage can also heal, the White Mage can also curse etc. Thus, personally, we prefer to steer clear from these definitions – as they are bias and inaccurate as a whole.

Many people, when first drawn to the Occult, immediately align themselves with the Left-Handed Paths or Paradigms, such as Satanism, Luciferianism, Demonolatry etc etc – however, a lot of these people starts to follow these paradigms not out of association etc – but rather as a sort of “rebellion” against their previous religious beliefs. This means that they can never fully immerse themselves in their chosen paradigm, as it does not suit their nature, goals and most importantly: their personal association. In any paradigm, association is key – in fact, association plays an extremely large role in magick as a whole. If you cannot fully and completely associate with a practice or paradigm – it will never work for you, mark our words.

But what if you already follow a paradigm, and you no longer agree or associate with it – can you change your path? But of course! There are absolutely no “rules” stating otherwise. We are perfect examples of this. For those of you who don’t know us, we have moved from paradigm to paradigm – mastering each individual one until all it could offer us has been exhausted – then moving on to the next. There is no simple reason for why we did this – knowledge, wisdom, power…all these and more. However, the point here however is that at some point in time, you will likely have to change paradigms…or even start your own – because if you practice it fully and completely, you will eventually have “drained it dry”…although most people are happy enough remaining in one paradigm for their entire lives, it is but one small part of the entire picture of magick and the Occult.

Do not feel embarrassed if you haven’t found a paradigm that suits you yet – hell, even adepts reaches this point at some time. We say rather be sure before you jump head first into something that you’d later regret.

Now that that’s out of the way – let us get down to choosing the perfect paradigm for you.

Are you a lone wolf or team player?

There are two types of people in this world: people who would rather only rely on themselves, and people who find it more comfortable to be part of a group. Depending on which of the two you fall under – this will assuredly determine either your path or your style of practice. If you think you need to be a part of a coven, house, lodge etc in order to practice magick – you are dead wrong. You see, when you are part of a coven, you will have the community, back-up and support from them – however this could stunt your own spiritual growth…and as an added fact, in covens you will find a lot of politics. Also, there is usually one or two members of the coven which is far more powerful than the rest, which tends to “carry” the entire coven…while the rest simply sits back. Have we been part of covens? Yes, in the past we have – however we outgrew this very fast and found it to be holding us back more than assisting our plight…however that is our opinion. Naturally, you can also be a solitary practitioner – however this also has it’s fair share of obstacles. You will have to rely upon yourself at all times, and have to continuously work at your development – however it pays off in extent and degree. Let us put it like this – we have faced both covens and solitary practitioners…and as a whole, solitary practitioners are pound-for-pound more powerful than covens – due to the abovementioned.

Goals, aspirations and driving forces

It’s time to ask yourself the question of all questions: “why do I want to pursue Magick?”. If you can wrap up all your reasons in a single breath without pause…chances are you are not being entirely honest with yourself. Really think about this. What do you want to achieve? Why are you drawn to the Occult? What will you do to reach your goals? What won’t you do to reach your goals? What is your opinion on external forces? To answer all these questions – you need to get to know yourself…what makes you tick. The answers to the above by themselves ought to actually shed more light on what path suits you best…and to think, all it took was some self-searching!

Research time!

Since we are surely not going to make a grand list of all available paths and paradigms to follow – it’s time for you to start digging. Look at all the paradigms you can possibly find and compare the “m.o.” of each with what you have established from the above. To get you started, look at various Left-Handed and Right-Handed Paths, High Magick, Necromancy, Demonolatry, Witchcraft, Chaos Magick as well as traditional beliefs. Oh, and please, do not make a novice mistake by believing absolutely everything you read online! Use a bit of logic and intuition to filter out the bullshit from the truth…and believe us, you will find a lot of bullshit.

Association and space to grow

By now you may have found a few paradigms that interest you. So, now to ask two very personal questions: “do I fully associate with this path?” and “how far can this path take me?”. Think about these two on every paradigm that may interest you. If you cannot associate with a paradigm – you won’t get anywhere with it…and if there is no space for personal growth in a particular path – don’t even bother. This will save you a shitload of time you might waste if you just choose a particular path.

The path of self

With all said and done – if you cannot find a paradigm suited to you – MAKE YOUR OWN. Yes, you read right – make your own path suited to you. After all, this is what we have done! We will write more on making your own path in a later post, as this has a process of it’s own…but always remember that this is an option. You do not HAVE to follow a pre-existing path if you do not want to. After all, the Occult is a very selfish thing to pursue in the first place – the centrepoint of all practices is you.

We do hope that this has assisted some of you in your plight – as always, we are available to discuss any statements or points made, or to advise you. Also, if you want to be kept updated on any future posts – feel free to subscribe!

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