Infernal Magick

The Black Mage

I hail those who stand against conformity with flashing swords and death at hand! Let my kin be separated from the filth of the living and stand beside me upon the crimson shores! Let us then say: WE ARE NOT MEN BUT TITANS! Then even Ragnarök shall draw its lots dearly.

1487279545821The Mage that walks the Infernal Path has gained much more than what has been sacrificed. Understanding the self and mastering the will is the very marrow that binds soul and body, then it becomes more, much more than just a vessel of the spirit’s intent….it is god.

The Black Mage has seeked wisdom in arcane writings and texts long forgotten or ignored, yet he/she strives not for the petty or weak institutions of humanity, but for the one single goal that has eluded even the Kings of old: Raw power. Many who stride upon the path of Hell has faded into dried husks due to the fact that they seek glorification of the flesh instead of spiritual empowerment. This is the only true key of any Magick.

The Wiccans and Neo-Pagans dance around campfires worshipping their feeble “mind-gods” while being governed by the “law of three and sodomy” and digesting venereal disease as if it is the truth, while the Infernal Mage empowers his/her soul with the essence of Tartarus through mere will and focus.

Social conformity is equal to cancer of the guts that suffocates the organs as it spreads its corruption until its host dies from submission. The Infernal Mage shall spew that vileness from its mouth as if it is as bitter as wormwood and then rip the thing from its roots and cast it upon a cleansing fire.

We can assure you, and you may quote us if you wish : There is no absolution, no salvation, only the Will and the might to be what you wish to be, only under the duress and constraint that you place upon your own value. Think about this for a moment…digest it well and proper.

There is NO infernal path that is great….except if you wish it to be so. This means that irrelevant of your infernal path, the path cannot be more than what you allow it to be. These paths cannot exist without the individual. Why Not? Because HUMANITY created these paths -NOTHING AND NO ONE ELSE! If you wish to tread upon the Infernal path, have a bit of common sense and use that intelligent mind nature granted you! Or are you a sheep? First rule of Magick: Think for yourself. Second rule of Magick: Don’t believe everything you read and hear!

If you are a beginner or expert in the Occult, this does not warrant you to lose your senses and run blindly through life! Leave this to those who are retarded (they should have been killed at birth!) But what’s your excuse?

Something on a lighter note: We posted some article on social media garnishing our opinion on those individuals who are gender confused. Obviously being stoic individuals we spoke out against this persisting mental illness which the sheep so hungrily accepts. Lo and behold some metrosexual shit-dick had a sissy fit and called us: “Self rightious”…in response we gave him/it a good tongue lashing and blocked him (when in fact we wanted to stab him in the face and liver multiple times) Oh, let’s not forget the swine fucking Neo-Pagan bitch who accused us of being Christians! The audacity! Smirk. Ignorance must be bliss!

Don’t misunderstand us, we do not have social media accounts because we are social butterflies! No, dear reader, it’s there and there alone only for business! And business is good. Real good.

The point of this post is simply to inform and instruct the serious Infernal Mage on the dedication and sheer willpower required to become a powerful Titanic force. Unfortunately, you will never obtain this Magnum Opus if you wear your knees down in front of altars. You will need to master yourself first before you can expect to master ANYTHING external from you.

You will find many popular so called “masters” of Black magick and Demonolatry who charges the ignorant exorbitant amounts of money for courses and promises of power and glory! But these same people has not contributed ANYTHING to the world of the Occult which is not already readily available for hundreds upon hundreds of years! Think on this! This simply indicates that these so called “masters” has only become well acquainted with the works of other Occultists (Magi like Agrippa, Paracelsus, Barret, Bardon etc etc etc) and has not contributed ANYTHING original and authentic to the world of the Black Mage. Think on it. Digest this deep and hard. You have been bamboozled! You have been duped!

As Occult authors, it’s easy to spot – we know the world of the Occult as we know the back of our hands! (We would like to give these nefarious bastards the back of our hands.) Unlike those fools, we actually write from practical experience, and don’t mooch off of the work of others!

In closing: Think for yourself, question everything – and for the love of ye dark gods, NEVER EVER administer Deep Heat on your genitals!

Thank you for reading and remember to share!


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