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The Secret of Runes, Talismans and Amulets

I carve these corners in bone and stone, and bleed it with my crimson jet, It breathes and writhes, and speaks to me…as I hang upon that ascended tree…. received a request from Solomon Drake to write upon the subject of Talismans, Amulets and Bind-Runes – its principalities, powers and how it works in conjunction with the owner. Firstly let us say that there is copious amounts of misinformation on this very subject, and we will strive to remedy this factor in this post.

If one attempts to gain some semblance of understanding on this subject, you need to go back in time and research the cultures of the ancient world whom made use of the talismanic tradition in order to gain a lucid comprehension. Why was the talisman so significant to these ancient people and why did they traditionally employ its principalities and powers?

Some ancient cultures believed that natural every day objects, such as wood, stone and bone housed either a “guardian” or overseer spirit or contained a specific energy directly linked to their god/goddess. Thus this object became sacred. Let’s broaden the spectrum a bit. Glyphs… What are they and how did they evolve into Magickal scripts? After all, these glyphs are used in talismans and amulets.

There are very few people who are involved with the Occult who are unfamiliar with the Runes – especially the Elder Futhark of the Germanic tradition. Runes as a fact were originally pictorial representations to translate a word or grant understanding for the process of non verbal communication. In other words, it was an alphabet. If we remove the mythical lore and vast amounts of speculation on the subject, what remains is Historical evidence. The runes were employed as wards, banes, blessings, empowerment, oracles and so on. But the question remains: How EXACTLY where they used. Aside from the ancient writings on the subject (drenched in superstition, myth and legend) there is no actual instructions on how to fashion and employ them. Most books written on the subject of Rune-Craft is based upon writings such as Runic Poems: The Havamal (sayings of the High One), The Runatal (An account on how Odin obtained the Runes) and the Ljodatal (a list of magick spells, incantations etc.) Unfortunately the serious practitioner of the Arts cannot employ glyphs in this manner as it is foolhardy and idiotic.

We have mentioned earlier that there exist no accounts on how to employ the Elder Futhark Runes and here follows the reason for it:

1) The relevent artifacts scattered between the Carpathians, Lapland and the highest concentration at Denmark, found in graves and bogs, and the Futhark were inscribed upon weapons etc. The Elder Futhark inscriptions were actually rare, and with very few writings of that time.( “…of 366 lances excavated at Illerup only two bore inscriptions and a similar ratio existed in Alemannia with an estimated 170 excavated graves to every inscription found…”).

2) ALL the ancient people who knew its true history and applications are DEAD.

Contrary to most so-called experts on Rune-Craft in the modern day and age – we employ those authentic Germanic tradition of Runes as it was taught to us by none other than the Dead. Yes, the Dead. Yes we made use of certain Necromantic Rites to commune with those who knew its secrets. And just like them, we also will take this secret to our graves. But we will not part ways without instructing you, the reader on how these Runes work:

It is pure energy. Directed through will. And that’s it. Dissapointed? But where are the Gods!? Indeed, where are the gods? The energy contained or attached to the runes serve to draw kindred energy to its owner (like a magnet) or to dispel conflicting energy from the owner. The Runes by themselves in construct “contains” neutral energy (as with all inanimate objects) until programmed by its creator. This energy can take the form of an elemental design, a mental construct or a spiritual conductor. With the latter it is directly linked to the owner or the creator. That means the creator is subconsciously empowering the principalities of the Rune/Bind Rune through preconceived will. But how does the Runes work as an Oracle? Well that’s a tad off topic….so perhaps in the future we will enlighten you upon this subject.

Yes – all talismans and amulets work this way as well (as briefed upon the Rune/Bind-Rune) unless a spirit is linked to the object through certain rites and rituals.

We believe we have cleared a vast majority of misconceptions on the subject of Rune magic in this post, using none other than factual evidence – yet again!

Thank you for reading, subscribe and remember: You and you alone have the power.

Easy Resources on Runes:

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