Demons, Spirits and Entities

Rather the Demon you know than the Devil you don’t?

images (1)In various grimoires, the aspiring mage is introduced to various classes of Demons and how to evoke and constrain them etc. You will never find writings on the construct and origins of “Demons” except references made to some bullshit religious institute or writings. We have a point to make here: these same idiotic references are used by modern-day Occult writers and Practitioners alike! What The Fuck?!! Has ANY of these Occultists actually worked with an ACTUAL Demon? We call utter bullshit on this!

Here are some questions we would like to ask these Occult authors:

1) Did you actually successfully evoke a sentient, intelligent Demon that was not created by man-kind as a mental construct, archetype and was not a living human being before it died? And if so…

2) Where is your evidence?

3) Why are you re-hashing outdated beliefs?

4) Why didn’t you kill yourself yet and spare the world your bullshit?

In the Occult, dear reader, we are encountering a massive problem: too much talk and very little evidence! If you are an intelligent, lucid individual, you will NEVER-EVER believe without evidence. And even when you are presented with so-called evidence, you will question it until you are satisfied with your findings. In all reality as a cold hard fact, we can discredit 90% of Occult claims by simply using logic and our understanding of the Occult!

By this very aforementioned statement (which we can validate) we have researched and practically investigated most claims and beliefs within the Occult not excluding the subject of Demons and will share our findings with you below (in short):

Demons: The Secret Revealed!

Through the years we have worked with thousands of Demons, without constraint and regression. We would evoke them and give a blood sacrifice, then at the end of the rite we would consume that blood, which serves as a spiritual Alchemical bond of sorts. The tasks we set for those Demons ranged from curses, blessings, bindings, prosperity, justice and so on. We worked with Infernal, Planetary, Enochian, Solomonic, Asian, Hindu, Germanic, Tribal, African, Sumerian demons and the list goes on and on! To get to the point…

None of those “Demons” were sentient, intelligent, non-human affiliated beings. They never existed independently from humanity and never will. Their numbers are divided as follows:

80% are the malicious human dead.

15% are mental constructs.

5% are archetypes.

0% are the actual demons of legends and myth.

In all honesty there will be many that disagree with us out of ignorance, delusion, denial etc, but then we would simply refer them to the questions above (1-4).

So, can you work with Demons in the guise as a spirit of the dead? Yes you can!

“Then what the fuck are you guys actually saying?!”

“To know something by name, office and nature is to have complete power over that thing! Then no amount of lies, deception and pretentious mimic can inhibit your workings with that thing, for you have not only mastered yourself, you have mastered it.”

– That’s what we are saying.


How to work with Demons:

Once you have discovered the nature of the demon (such as mental construct etc) you are now ready to employ its services. We will provide you with an example on how to work with a Mental Construct / Archetype below.

Demon in the flesh:

You will require the Sigil/Seal of the “Demon”. Research its nature, office, powers etc and so on. Now you will create a ritual of INVOCATION (not EVOCATION). (See example below)

Ritual Incantation of Invocation

Es na ayer Abbadon avage! (words of power/calling etc) (repeat x 9)

I…(name)… Invoke the nature and office of (Abbadon).

Breach that which is barred here and now (Abbadon),

and manifest thyself within my being.

Come forth from the void, and transmute my nature into you and yours.

I call upon your office, principality and power, oh (Abbadon), to manifest within my being, mind, body and soul!

I call upon you (Abbadon) to fully possess my mind and body, for the purpose of spiritual transmutation.

Es na ayer Abbadon avage! (repeat x 9)

The Sigil/seal is a focus point which activates that passive energy within its construct (according to your intent) and then transmutes it into active directed energy etc. The Seal/sigil may be meditated upon often or carried with you as a subconscious activator for your intent.

Perform this on a daily basis for as long as you are working with this “Demon”. For more details, see the Hexagrammaton.

In conclusion:

Reader, we have presented to you a way to dominate these beings, not with “Blasting Rods” and Greater Curses, but with something much more powerful that you can actually rely upon: intelligence and forethought.

Remember, change starts within the self, then only will it reflect outwards into the micro and macrocosm. You are left with two choices here: Ignorance or Ascension. We chose the latter.

Thank you for reading and remember to subscribe.

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