Us, Araignee


You know us as “Baron and Baroness(a) Araignee”, however there are very few people who ACTUALLY know us. So, we decided to write this post, introducing ourselves (minus formality) and offer you a glimpse of the Magi behind the web. We simply detest speaking to friends and clients through a computer screen, however in our line of work (especially internationally) we do not have much choice! That’s why we also use Skype and so on, so as to limit the walls of text in emails and messaging! Speaking about text…English is not our first language! So, from time to time (more often than not!) there will be typo’s etc.

In all honesty we are NOT social butterflies. We are VERY private people (borderline reclusive) and keep to ourselves – contrary to the rants you may see now and again! But this is simply because we are outspoken -we know what we like and dislike and will hardly change. Oh, by the way, we are obviously not named “Araignee” nor do we hold the droll titles of Baron(ess) either! We are in fact (drum roll) Rheiner and Vanessa. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on…

We eat, sleep and drink like anyone else, we laugh and cry and get pissed off (more often than not!), our culture may or may not differ from yours – but one thing we really do have in common is our belief in bettering ourselves. We had immense breakthroughs on our journey, then again – massive setbacks as well. Even though we might fall hard on our faces at times, we get right back up with axes drawn, wiping the blood from our eyes and shout: “Is that the best you can do?!”. We do not believe in giving up – nor do we give up our ground! Could this be Cell memory? Genetics? Ancestry? No matter, this is simply our marrow and mortar. We believe that through suffering, great strength is unlocked or acquired, and those that live their lives in decadence – being silver spoon fed – has never truly lived life. You have to get your hands dirty and raw, be consumed with raw emotions, experience loss, pain, joy and ecstacy – all of this in the full extent that it can be obtained/experienced so that you can appreciate those moments of quiet contentment.

In general our work schedules are ridiculous – but we cannot complain as we are fortunate enough to earn an honest living by doing work that we are passionate about! When we do have free time (not often, mind you) and don’t have to deal with the bullshit life throws at you, we live our lives to the fullest. We love art and culture (selected), we would rather eat a home-cooked meal than junk-food, and as a treat we would indulge ourselves with Sushi. We like to excercise our minds and body, keeping our mental and physical faculties trained and sharp. We are both expert marksmen, but prefer melee weapons and train often. Rifles and side-arms are just too impersonal, but nonetheless these tools have its uses. We like being prepared for any given situation and can adapt to any environment as well (no, we are not die hard preppers). We are not big mouth-gung-ho imbeciles, as the intelligent mind is the greatest weapon after all! (Sorry Rambo!)

Aside from our Occult passion, we love each other dearly, and have earned one another’s trust and respect. We will always be deeply and passionately in love with eachother, and cannot be separated at all (we would be fine with being co-joined). We know that there are very few people who has their perfect match – so here are some encouraging words for you: Everything in life consists of duality. Yes that means that for every person out there in this world – there is a perfect match. Yes, that means you! Don’t lower your expectation, rather have no expectation and know that every person is unique. Here is some solid advice on those who have an intimate loved one: When you love a person, your love for that person is not about YOU. Love that person completely without any restraints, and when your partner returns that unconditional love you will have a lasting and eternal love that reaches beyond the grave. Less selfish intent and more unconditional surrender.

We have a little girl…yes a cat. But we do not “see” her as a cat. She is our flesh and blood and we love her dearly. So yes, it would be consequential that she is spoiled rotten as any parent would their child! The strange thing about cats is that you can lucidly communicate with them, if you truly love them. We are still trying to discover the mechanics behind this phenomena…esp? Nonetheless, we are not dog-people (at all), we cannot associate with dogs’ nature, nor the lack of their intelligence and let’s not mention willing to do anything to please their masters without insight or understanding. They remind us too much of a certain type of people. But then again – dogs function in packs, just like herd conformists…perhaps this could be it. So, our cat “Gin-Gi” ( Bimbi, Kaaitjie etc etc) follows us wherever we go – whether it is the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, lounge or altar room – and stays close to our side. We have decided to purchase a bubble back-pack so that she can join us on our adventures! By the way, we do not let her roam at all, she is an indoors cat and quickly lets us know when she wants to go outside for a general voyer. We adopted her from a rescue center. They found her alone as a kitten in a terrible condition – extremely feral. And to this very day (3 years later), she detests anyone that is not us and even though she is anti-social we have gained her utter devotion and unconditional trust.

Well, this is the short version on the lives of the Araignee’s. We do hope this has given you better insight on the people behind the blog. Thank you for reading and remember to subscribe!

2 thoughts on “Us, Araignee”

  1. Amazing share! Really loving the content you two are creating! Hope to see more similar posts about the creators of this blog!


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