Divine Gemini / Twin Flames

images (6)We are asked many times about the subject of Twin Flames, Soulmates – whatever you would like to call this. We suppose it could be because when people look at us, they see proof of this, and this makes them wonder about the subject matter. Nonetheless, we will discuss this subject a bit – shedding some light into this almost taboo topic. This will by no means be an exhaustive piece – but it will expand on the matter a bit.

Did you know that before we met each other, neither one of us believed in Twin Flames? Well, initially as children we did believe in it – however, the more we got to know of people and of ourselves, we regarded it as something that occurs only in fiction…something to dream about. Many people – even those involved in the Occult world – either doubts the existence of Twin Flames or have absolutely ridiculous ideas as to what it means and signifies. Well – needless to say – regardless of all our past doubts, here we are – the “Twins” as some of you have taken to calling us!

Why we say the topic of Twin Flames is almost taboo, is because if you ask any person if they believe in such – either they will mock you for having childish notions, or they would publicly deny this (as they are too embarrassed for some reason to admit their belief) – or even some would proclaim they have found theirs (although a simple examination of their relationship will prove it the biggest load of bullshit). Well, for one – we are not remotely embarrassed about what we have – and (if you have approached us on matters of the heart before) we actually promote people to strive for their Twin Flame.

So, let us get down to the meat of the matter – and as usual – setting the misconceptions and bullshit aside.

Everyone on the face of this Earth has a Twin Flame. Unfortunately, though, either due to impatience, loneliness, promiscuous habits, ignorance or desperation – most people never meet their Twin Flame and would rather “settle” with whatever they can get. By the way – a couple seeming “happy” definitely does not indicate them as Twin Flames, nor does the amount of years they have been together or how many children they have. In cases like this, when they have “settled”, people tend to look for some sort of reason to hold on to each other – be it their children, their age, their finances etc. We would actually wager that the vast majority of couples fall under the above – when their “love” has faded, they simply remain together out of habit. We feel extremely strongly about this, as you can see – but the reason for this is:

People mistake other things for “love”. You better believe it – even though it sounds impossible. Probably the most common thing people confuse with love is lust. Lust is a product of the body – not the mind nor soul – but the body. So, in love, you will find lust (for your partner of course) – but never the other way around. The body does not tell the soul what to do – unless you’re weak-minded. People also tend to mistake material wealth or status for love. An excellent example of this is how people from all around the world believe themselves to be in love with a celebrity or a wealthy person – even though they never met the celebrity; and even if the wealthy person is worse than Roman scum. This is simply a product of humanity’s love for getting the most material wealth or status with the least bit of personal effort. There are other things too – as for example – people mistake having children with someone as love. As in if they have a child with the other person, they absolutely must remain together…because they have a child. And if the child dies – they divorce. Makes you think…doesn’t it?

Next is love itself. Very few people (as seen above) know the meaning of love – so what does love actually mean? Firstly – love for family, for animals etc is different than this. Love for your perfect match is natural and forthcoming – nothing is about you any longer, but about the other. It endures (and is even strengthened) by diversity, illness, financial struggle, death of offspring, toil, poverty…basically, anything that is bad cannot break it nor even tarnish it. And if that is the bad, it follows suit with the good – if “love” can be broken by hardship…then it is not love at all. Love means to support whatever the other does and to encourage their development and growth as an individual as well as the relationship. Love knows no age difference either (we do not compare this to paedophiles or such) – so many people lose their minds if there is an age difference of even 3 years between two people – let alone 20 years – irrelevant if both parties are adults. Love knows no limits or boundaries – you will give up your very soul for the person. Love knows no death – but lasts beyond the grave…and furthermore love does not divide itself from the other through death, time or distance – it will always unite with the other, regardless the cost. Love is faithful in body, mind and being. It is difficult to put into words…but make no mistake – you will know it.

Something which even surprised us at the time – how your Twin Flame naturally makes you grow spiritually in leaps and bounds. Take for example us. Before we met, we were already quite powerful magickally speaking – however, the moment we met, our power increased exponentially. The most amazing, powerful and ground-breaking things we ever discovered or achieved in a spiritual or magickal sense was with each other.

Now, what Twin Flames are not. There are plenty of neo-Pagan and pseudo-Esoteric bullshit about this that we will discount right here and right now. A Twin Flame is not one soul that has been allegedly “split into two”. A Twin Flame is not due to reincarnation (we have written in some of our books on the subject of reincarnation and how souls are not “recycled”). A Twin Flame is not a friend etc – your perfect match will be your consort, although this consort will also be your friend, confidant, advisor etc…in short, Twin Flames are always romantic in nature and not a simple “good friendship”. There are more – however these are by far the most common ideas on it.

Let us tell you an ironic secret that applies to the most significant things in life – when you stop looking, you will find. This applies to magickal revelations, mundane things and…Twin Flames. We have seen one too many times (and have even experienced it personally) that if you desperately seek your Twin Flame, you will not find them – but, as soon as you have almost lost all hope and have given up the quest – suddenly, they would appear. Why does this happen? We do not know, but it is such a recurring thing…that we dub it almost like a magickal law.

After all this is said – we must say something that is very important…do not seek your horizon while standing on our shore. This means that you should not look at us and try to get what we have…literally. Strive for your Twin Flame, but do not expect to be like us. Many people make this mistake. Let us put this into a bit of perspective for you (which very few people know). We are always together…literally. We are never separate for even a minute from each other…since we met. We are the two sides of the same coin – we are reflections of each other and mirror each other out of nature. We even look like each other – but not because we have some psychological parasitical issue – no…but out of simple unity. We like to say that we are exactly the same – expect one of us is male and the other is female…that being the only difference. We are Saturn and Mars. This is not some gimmick – this is us, has been us and will be us eternal. So…we think the term “Twins” is quite fitting…for we are Gemini – and what you see of us is but a drop in the ocean. And – this is why you must look for your own horizon instead of striving for ours.

So, in closing – Twin Flames do exist, and your very existence will benefit from this. We do workings on matters of the heart and have a high success rate in the regard of Twin Flames – so, if you want to know more, feel free to contact us. We will leave you with this quotation: “Originally the dual souls are part of the same Divine Ego. They are golden fruits upon the great Tree of Life: ‘male and female He created them.”

And further…

“I am his Sister because I am of Divine origin like he, and of equal rank.
I am his Wife, because I alone can fill his highest cravings.
I am his Mother because it is the mission of Woman to restore Man unto spiritual life.”
– Attributed to Isis when asked of her relationship to her consort Osiris


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