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Working With versus Worshipping

For thousands of years humanity have worked with or worshipped gods from all corners of the Earth. Gods like Ea, Baal, Shamash, Tyr, Cernunnos, Orcus, Poseidon etc all have one thing in common, irrespective of cultural differences: Mankind. Humanity has found magnetism within the folds of the unknown – some attributed this magnetism to “The God Spot” of the brain while others believe wholeheartedly that this is a “Divine Calling”. Irrelevant of perception or belief, the fact still remains that evidence has rooted these divinities within the history of mankind.

In the ancient world, gods and divinities walked hand in hand with humanity, however few understand why these beings were held in such high regard. Ancient men and women lived in a time of claws and fangs – meaning that it was an EXTREMELY harsh environment and few lived past their 30’s. Kingdoms rose and fell overnight and war was waged constantly. Starvation was not a distant threat and these ancient people depended on game, cattle and crops for survival. Tribal communities were under the constant threat of predatory animals, marauders and the elements themselves – no-one was exempt from this except the dead.

These Proto-Humans turned to their respective gods or deities in order to ensure survival. These divine hands kept them fed, fertilised their crops and assured good hunting in times of need. Contemporary humans cannot understand the extreme hardships of these ancient people and they were assuredly much more hardy than modern mankind.

Human migration ensured the loss of many traditions and through this process these migratory tribes adopted other beliefs, traditions or simply fashioned new beliefs through the resettlement. Modern day religious beliefs were fashioned from ancient ideals, symbology and myth. The many gods mutated into Monotheistic constructs, yet keeping some of the prime pagan associations in order to draw the disenchanted.

Modern men and women who delve within the arcane structures feels a longing, thus turn their faces to the realms of divinities. Inapt of their motives, these seekers ignorantly despoil their individual value without wise insight and wear their knees down in front of the altars of God(esses) even though they are not linked to these beings through genetic inheritance. How cheaply mankind has sold themselves through the years.

This is the topic of this blog-post: Worship versus Working with Divinities.

For those of you that know us and our work, we are especially known to speak against worshipping any spiritual forces – regardless of the office they hold, your relationship with them or even their power. However, what is the difference between worshipping something and working with it? In all honesty, there is a very fine red line separating the two from each other, but to cross the line can have dire consequences – especially if you are happily unaware of it. So, in this post, we will discuss what separates working with something from worshipping it. For ease of reference, we have compiled the main differences in the image-chart below:

Working With vs Worshipping

In closing, we have discussed the negative aspects of worshipping in other writings and in our books, however one thing we must mention here is that worshipping something also tends to lead to or include Spiritual Obsession. Keep this in mind.

For those of you who are uncertain about on which side of this fine line you are walking, do contact us and we will advise you. And as always – subscribe to read more!

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