How Magick Works

How Magick Actually Works – Part 1

There are many people who are curious as to how the Occult/Magick actually works. Without giving away too much, we will reveal the basics on the subject to
enlighten the layman and the novice alike.

In order to understand Magick you must first grasp the mundane constructs of the Magickal world:

1. Cause and Effect
2. Magnetism
3. Micro and Macrocosms
4. Psychology (basic)
5. Parapsychology (basic)
6. The Five Classic Elements
7. The Seven Classical Planetary Constructs
8. Mastering The Will of Self
9. Creative Visualisation
10. Maintaining Focus
11. All Seven Hermetic Laws
12. Perception and Association.

We will not be discussing these points in this current post, as they will form part of the follow up posts on this subject.

You may notice that we have not included Divinities, Spirits and so on in the above mentioned points, for good reason: Before any individual can successfully work with intelligent external forces, he/she must first master the self. Why? Why? WHY?!
Simply because in order to master external elements you must master yourself. Just as a carpenter learns skills through practical application, so must the aspiring occultist be. Knowing your strengths and weakness will give you the tools to build upon and to overcome obstacles.

We wrote on the subject of “Mastering The Self” numerous times so we simply won’t repeat it again.

Misconceptions are presented in most paradigms of the Occult, and this just multiplies upon itself as it is applied (successfully or not) by the ignorant.

In order to make undeniable success of any Magickal Paradigm, you need to know, understand and practically apply that knowledge time and time again.

Here are some very popular misconceptions:

– Anyone can create a Sigil and practically apply it successfully.
– Candle magick is so simply anyone can perform it successfully.
– Reciting a spell and going through the motions will give anyone results.

Silly Rabbit! Do you sell your intelligence so cheaply? No dear reader, there is much more to magick than what meets the eye! Remember this well, for we will not repeat this again:

To know and understand a thing, gives you power over that thing.

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