High Magick, Spellcraft and Rituals

Repetition, repetition, repetition

images (4)A condition that seems to be quite rampant in the world of the Occult and Magick is old ideas and information being recirculated time and time again – the only difference being the name under which the work is published or released.

For the sake of this arguement, there is nothing wrong with the ideas, traditions, information, knowledge or wisdom of the ancient world and the old world – but what causes great drollness in this modern age is that, simply by looking at what modern-day so-called Mages present, it contains absolutely no originality or expansion whatsoever. Yes, there are indeed a few exceptions to this, however the vast majority has been recycled so many times, that the original intent and meaning of the material has been distorted. For those of you who are children of yesterday (as we are), this can be likened to recording a casette tape of music from another recording from another recording that has been made from the original record. After a while, you cannot even make out what the hell the musician is saying and the tune becomes a monstrous droning.

Take for example the Enochian language as presented to us by John Dee. The only works you will find on this subject is simply rehashing what Dee himself said with a beautiful foreword of some random person who is pretending that they have a clue as to what the fuck Dee was talking about – even though they did not even practically study nor implement this language. By the way, for those of you who still think Enochian is related to fluffy-winged “angels”: nenni zonac faboan. Back to the point, we know many, many things of this language that either people have no idea about, or those that know is definately not saying anything. Will we enlighten you on all the secrets of the Enochian language? No. Spoon-feeding people is not exactly part of our methodology or our life calling.

The tragic case of the representation of the Enochian language is just one of many subjects of Magick and the Occult which has become so mundane in it’s presentation, that we don’t even bother to look at new book releases. Believe it.

Are you trying to tell us that the reason why people are not presenting anything new and workable…or at least expanding on existing paradigms and such in a never-before-seen way is because everything in the Occult world has already been discovered and discussed? Bullshit. Without going on an all-out rant on how fucking wrong this is, we will just say: bullshit.

So, our challenge to the Mages of the modern age: present or publish material that is either:

Completely new and 100% workable
– or-
That expands on the knowledge of the old world with plausible and practical insight

You might tell us to practice what we preach…but then we will respond to you by saying: have you even read our books?

But yet again, there is another reason why people are repeating things…because even to this day, some people still don’t even know the bare basics of Magick – the basics that anyone practicing Magick should know by heart. Hm. Makes you think.

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