Necromancy, Spiritual Psychology

A Short Piece on Free-Will

Do you value your Free Will? The ability to choose what you want, say what you want, practice what you want, having any opinion you want? Of course you do – everyone in their right minds would value their Free Will…it’s a great part of what makes you, you. Free Will of course plays off in much more than just your mundane day-to-day life…it forms part of every aspect of your life, even Magickally: which paradigm do you want to follow, working with external forces or not…the list goes on and on.

Now, one of the aspects of Free Will is thinking for yourself – as in, not having anyone or anything dictate your reasoning or thoughts. This is where Free Will and herd conformity clashes greatly. Let us explain…

Humans by their very nature are herd animals – and this goes beyond people just liking the company of other people…this even goes into choices. As an example, people would more readily accept what the masses accept as truth…not because it’s truth, but because everyone else accepts it to be so. Like, when it is all of a sudden proclaimed that the sky is green and the grass is blue, and everyone else believes and accepts this…even if they can see with their own eyes that it is not so, they do not want to be “the odd one out”, and thus follows the herd, so as to not become cast out of the pack. Don’t believe us? It’s alright – it’s part of every single human being’s nature…yes, even us. Science and neuroscience have studied and examined this for years…and hell, you can see the effects of herd mentality as soon as you look out your front door. So, if humans are herd animals, but they have Free Will…where does the clash occur?

The “herd animal” aspect of you is a part of your body, your vessel…the thing which ties you to this realm of Earth. Your Free Will is a part of your soul/being…the true you that is not bound by the laws and nature of humanity.

So…since the two is in direct opposition to each other, and they cannot be united as one…what do you choose? To be part of the tribe of humanity, yet without a single thought or opinion of your own? Or to be cast out of the herd and to beat your own path? We know what we answered to this question when faced with it over twenty years ago. What is your answer to this? No – we do not want to know…it’s none of our business what you choose. Just know this – if you choose to be part of the herd, then you cannot sit and complain about your lack of Free Will as you have relinquished the right to “stand apart” from the masses…and if you choose to be your own god and ruler, you likewise cannot complain that you are not loved by the masses and embraced as brother or sister. Think we are exaggerating or being melodramatic?

Not at all – see, before you make your decision…just take a moment and look around you. Look at society and look at those society gives a wide berth. Study both and use your own mind to draw your conclusions.

As for your choice…at some point of your life, you will make it – consciously or unconsciously – so we’ll rather give you a heads up so that you can be lucid when that choice is made. And yes, it’s either one or the other, accepted or shunned, animal or god – you cannot have your bread buttered both ways.

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