Occult Science


“Whosoever therefore is desirous to study in this (magick) faculty, if he be not skilled in natural philosophy, wherein are discovered the qualities of things and in which are found the Occult properties of every being, and if he be not skillful in the mathematics, and in the aspects and figures of the stars upon which depends the sublime virtue and property of everything, and if he be not learned in Theology wherein are manifested those immaterial substances which dispense and minister all things he cannot be possibly able to understand the rationality of Magick. For there is no work that is done by mere “magick”, nor any work that is merely magickal that doeth not comprehend these three faculties.” – Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, The Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

For the seeker of power to become empowered, the faculties of the spirit and mind must work in unison, for only then will the course be set for the initiation of power. This course is like Mercury which elevates the good and bad properties of each Planet. There are those that claim that their path relies neither on the Properties of Alchemy nor the Celestial influences, and these are indeed personas absent of wisdom and knowledge and lacks the most basic understanding of the True Occult Science.

Magick is founded upon the Principles of Celestial influences – not mere moldable principles, but laws which are set upon the cornerstone of the Firmament, which acts with astounding influence within the microcosm and macrocosm. The Principles of Alchemy, when understood, will able the soul to mold, direct and adapt the Rays of the Seven Swift-sprites, making it manifest in magnitude and concentration upon Terra Firma. These Rays can be captured deeper within every elemental construct both in the physical dimension and in the Aether, furthering its course and function.

The Planets and the elements serve as beacons to one another, which swoons upon embrace and vibrates with an escalated longing for copulation. Just as Mars and Venus are lovers separated with intent only by the whim of the Moon, so it is with all other Heavenly Orbs. Finding their deeper meaning, you will know how to unite and separate which is upon this earth as easily as you would bind a string to a branch.

There are those who suffer their Magick by their lack of knowledge and understanding of the Occult science. Unfortunately this is simply one part of the cosmic duality – wisdom and a lack thereof. The greatest misconception which is prevalent within Magick is that humanity is not affected by the cosmic bodies, by influence and construct, and these spheres are simply there for oracular admiration and appreciation.

The Planets can assuredly determine the nature and character of an individual, as taught by Ptolemy in his Tetrabiblios Book Two and Three. Socrates was considered a “Monstruum” or monster – as a contradiction to that which is understood as human nature – by fellow man. The question remains: Can the Planets determine the potency of the Occultist? We believe from what is evident that it most assuredly can.

In the Hexagrammaton we wrote on how to adopt the nature of the Seven Planets as a pathworking, however this is one part of a Greater Work and not related to this subject in literal application.

Books such as: The Magus: Celestial Intellingencer by Francis Barrett, The Three Books of Occult Philosophy By Agrippa, The Tetrabiblios by Ptolemy and The Picatrix translated by Hashem Atallah, are some of the greatest books ever written and compiled by the Occultists. We consider all the rest written as simply trivial footnotes in history. Every Occultist MUST know and understand the contents of these books in order to succeed with their Magickal operations or be doomed through idiotic notions, this will determine each Lot of Fortune.

Consider this: We have written books on the subject of Infernal Magick, Necromancy, Witchcraft and so on, however these subjects are trivial to us. In all honesty, any person with a talent for writing can publish such books, however very few people have a true understanding and, even more rare, applies the Practical Philosophy of the Occult Sciences, and this is for good reason:

In truth, there is no cutting corners when practicing the Occult Sciences, for a true understanding is only gained through Spiritual Ascension and no other way. What you “think” you know and what is Universal truth is completely different, and it would do you well to set your arrogance aside and know your place, as humanity is not even a speck of dust in the magnitude of the universe. Not even we will or can boast to know the vastness of the earth in all dimensions and angles, let alone the Hall of the Universe.

We have personally studied and applied what was written, and even that which was not written, and this led us from a written word to a deed. We know how to determine the length of a person’s life and their manner of death, we can fashion talismans that will have miraculous effects upon the wearer, but keep in mind: To know something is good, but to apply that knowledge makes one great.

No matter how many volumes or tomes you may or may not publish on a subject, this does not credit you to the mastery of that subject. This only indicates a crab leaving a trail across the beach and in its wake the wind and tide removes all traces of its course. Unfortunately this is the case from what is evident with most practitioners of the Occult and Magick today. We have seen many a showman on video and social media on the subject of Magick – but they impress the ignorant with tomfoolery, empty words and gestures, and in turn are elevated like the Sun. If the Sun would Retrograde, such would be their works – it will bare no fruit, except sprouting thorns and thistles in the hearts of men.

The majority of humanity lives for instant gratification, thus will seek ways to “cut corners” in achieving objectives. And dear reader, this is why modern “pardadigms” are practiced and adhered to by so many (and have done so blindly) – everyone wants “power” but very few is willing to sacrifice themselves to themselves, for in doing so you will starve your twisted arrogance! We cannot expect to be surprised by this as humans are such a fallible specie and will corrupt and twist all things of this world until it reflects their base nature: ignorant and greedy organisms very much the same as a bacterium or virus. Nor do we expect humanity to change…after all a post on a blog won’t change the universal mind – for goodness sake, Pythagoras couldn’t, neither could Socrates, Ptolemy, Hermes Trismigestus, Paracelsus etc etc. Thus humanity cannot and will not be blameless, as others before us bare witness to this.

Wisdom is never compelling, but is more often bitter than not. The choice is yours.

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