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The Power of Belief

sketch1541363617785Belief is a very abstract thing. It’s not an emotion nor a physical act – but rather a state of mind concerning a matter. Belief is not a standalone thing either actually, we place it under the umbrella term of “knowing”. Knowing is a very difficult thing to explain, it is simply knowing something to be so, like how you know the sun rises during the day. Whether it is pre-existing knowing (such as the sun rising) or created knowing is irrelevant. It is knowing. This is the most powerful tool at your disposal, whether you are a practitioner or not. To know, to will, to dare and all that. We will not delve too deeply into knowing here.

Now, in the family of knowing, you get Belief and Will. The concept of Willing something should be quite familiar to you. If not, we suggest getting better aquainted with some of our other writings. On to belief, which is the topic of this post. Belief is most commonly associated with religions and such, but this is far from the true scope of the matter and only scratches the surface. Belief branches out to things like mind over matter, the placebo effect and more – but keep in mind that the above is still related to Knowing and Will. Nonetheless…believing in something is when you have no concrete proof or evidence of something, however you accept it as truth.

A simple example would be that you believe that a black cat crossing your path will bring you good luck. You have no actual reasonable proof of this, however you believe it to be true. One day, a black cat crosses your path and soon after, you pick up a hundred dollar bill just lying there in the open. It must be the black cat! Or is it? In the meantime, someone else believes a black cat to be bad luck, and that same “lucky” cat of yours crosses this person’s path…and soon after, they get hit by a speeding car running a red light. So is this cat a good luck cat or a bad luck cat? Spoiler alert: it’s neither.

Belief is a very powerful thing. Never underestimate it. Chances are even in your daily life you experience your belief shaping events around you. Believe your co-workers will give you shit today? They probably will. Believe that you will win some money at a slot machine? You probably will. You might argue that some things you believe in simply does not happen. The answer to this is quite simple…remember how we said that belief is linked to knowing? We’ll let you figure that part out yourself – at least, we believe that some of you will.

So, now to belief in magickal practices. In Witchcraft and other such paradigms, a black candle is used for cursing and a white candle must never be used for such. However, in Asian paradigms it is the reverse. Isn’t it curious how the candle reflects the BELIEFS of the practitioner? This extends to ritual tools. Do you seriously believe that a pocket knife you bought at fucking Walmart or somewhere can naturally and by itself open a portal to Rlyeh or where-the-fuck-ever? No. It cannot. It is simply down to your beliefs.

This even extends to spellwork and rituals. We’re pretty sure this statement just hit a nerve with some of you reading this. We won’t go into details on this, as it is quite apparent. If this did hit a nerve with you…perhaps you’re emotionally better off not reading our written works.

Think you’ll never find love? Then you won’t. Think you’re a failure? Then you are. Think you will never succeed in anything? Then you won’t.

We will end this by referring to two of the Hermetic Laws: the Law of Resonance and the Law of Magnetism. Actually, all those laws apply here…but focus on those two for the time being. As above, so below. If you believe something to be so, then it will be so. If you doubt, you will fail. If you hate, then you will beget hate unto you. If you want, you will get…but not neccesarily what you desire. Cause and effect.

If you are interested in learning more on this, feel free to contact us.

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