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Occult Science: The Contraceptive and Transmutable Biology of Physical Spirituality

32170c54e66803011453fbede1Things are never as they are presented to be – this is the motto of this blog post. This post may be longer than our others, and of a very strange topic, however we implore you to read it properly right through to the end, as a few very interesting things will be discussed herein.

We will begin at the beginning – from a very unlikely source. Recently, we were researching contraceptive methods for our cats. Yes, we know about the surgical methods for this, however in all honesty we don’t even trust doctors, and we extend that same courtesy to veterinarians. Because we’re paranoid? No – we simply don’t trust anyone or anything that is not ourselves. Nonetheless, we came across information regarding injectable contraceptives to be used for cats. This pleased us, and we would’ve left the matter right there as a problem successfully solved, however then something caught our eye. The name given for this contraceptive injection was Depo Provera (we’ll call it Depo for short). This was curious to us as this same injection is used in humans. More than this, they use this same injection not just for female cats, but for male cats as well. This truly sparked our interest – you see, between animals (or at least mammals) there is little difference between them. What tends to work for one mammal species, works for another. Now, if this injection can be used for male and female animals, then why is it only administered to female humans? Thus, our journey in research began. Initially just to sate our curiosity…but then we encountered something of far greater significance.

In short, Depo is classified as a hormonal treatment that acts as a contraceptive. It is classed as a Progestin, which is the “feminine” version of Androgen, which is its masculine counterpart. Think Oestrogen and Testosterone. Progestin use in contraceptives and other matters has been set in motion by four chemists (Hans Herloff Inhoffen, Willy Logemann, Walter Hohlweg and Arthur Serini) in Germany, 1938. Nonetheless, there are varying degrees of the Depo family, the highest and strongest of them is used in sex-change procedures as well as cancer treatment (especially of the prostrate believe it or not). On this “list” of varying potency, Depo is at the lowest rank per say, having only slight effect on the body. Apparently, medicine has been researching the use of this particular form (Depo) for use in human male contraception and it has been quite successful without any particular negative side effects. The only side effect that males encounter is that the compound it is composed of slightly diminishes the testosterone production of the male body, however they have come to remedy this “side effect” with supplements of anabolic steroids, to keep the male body at its usual state. So, it has been wholly successful. Now you may be wondering that if it was such a success, then why isn’t it released to the public yet? They claim that they are trying to integrate the anabolic into the Depo formula for “convenience”. Hm. It sounds more like they are trying to get people to keep on reproducing like rabbits so that they can pump more good little sheep into their war-machine and the like. Either that, or that it will cost the medical field billions in male surgical procedures, and money talks much louder than the wellbeing of people, doesn’t it?

So…apart from the fact that male humans can use the Depo injection as a contraceptive method, paired with an anabolic steroid supplement – and that the big wigs in charge are conveniently hiding this from the public eye…what does this have to do with the spiritual?

You would think that all these things – the Depo, progestin and androgen – effects the body in varying degrees solely due to it’s hormonal nature. No. Not entirely. The hormonal compounds in progestin, androgen and all it’s derivatives has only mild effects on the body…it’s main source of power is: The Pituitary Gland. Now, for those of you who don’t know, the Pituitary Gland (that resides in the brain) is one of two very interesting areas of the brain, the other being the Pineal Gland. These two areas are directly linked with the spiritual and everything that is considered “abnormal”, “non-human” etc etc. It is linked to precognition, the Ajna (third eye) chakra, your subconscious, and as a whole, all of your spiritual senses. So, to put this into perspective, when the Pituitary Gland is stimulated in a certain way and to a certain degree – it can transform a man into a woman and a woman into a man…virtually re-writing the DNA you were born with, without killing you in the process. Humans have been trying to re-write the human genetic code (DNA) for years, but the subject always dies during the process.

Did you know that while still a foetus in the womb, all people (at least their vessels) start as females, and then, through a biological process of selection, you either remain a female, or turn into a male? Therefore, males have nipples and breast glands. Nonetheless, we will take this a bit further. If the Pituitary can change your sex…then what else can it change in your physical form? We’ll leave you to think about this for a while.

The Pituitary and Pineal glands in the brain are quite different from the collective whole, as, unlike the “left” and “right” division of the rest of the brain, these two very small sections are not divided, but whole, sitting close to the base of your skull. They act like the nucleus of a cell, where the rest of the brain acts as “supporting” material to these two glands. This is a very big statement we just made – we can almost hear the neurosurgeons turning in their graves…however we say this for a reason. We believe that these two glands act as translators of the soul/spirit, then relays it into consciousness. See, science? One can mix the spiritual with the physical, as after all, the soul can exist without the body, however the body requires a soul to exist.

Nonetheless, what about the rest of your brain? People say you need the whole thing to be able to live. Actually, we have seen evidence of the contrary. There was this girl (can’t remember her name) that was shot in the head one day in a cab. This was an Uber incident in the US. She was with her grandmother. Her gran didn’t make it, and they thought that the girl wouldn’t make it either, because after all, almost half of her head was shot off. But…she lived. To this day she still functions completely and 100% normally, except for the emotional trauma. So, this girl has all her normal functions and reasoning like a normal person, expect she only has half a brain in her skull. So, science…care to explain this?

We can explain this…as ironically, her Pineal and Pituitary Glands were unharmed. There are other cases where people have been shot in the head, chopped in the head etc – but lived just fine, contrary to what science claims will happen. So, you can lose parts of your brain but still be fine, however, funny enough, if you get shot, stabbed etc in the Pituitary or Pineal…you’re dead.

Since we spoke about sex-changes earlier, we must now broach the topic with this new-found insight. For some time, we did not understand whether true homosexual or transgender people are affected by a mental condition, or a spiritual condition. A while back we wrote a post on Facebook concerning transgenders, we must admit that our motive was to get the opinions of others in order to understand their reasoning on the subject so that we may gain more insight ourselves. Don’t misunderstand us, we weren’t being assholes, we dissect everything, and it frustrates us greatly if we cannot discover the truth of a thing. Earlier we mentioned that the Pituitary gland can change the gender of a person…however, it goes a bit further than that. It is the soul which directs the Pituitary and Pineal glands to grant the body the spiritual desire. Thus, true homosexuals and transgenders get their directive from their soul/being just as anybody else. Note how we said TRUE homosexuals and TRUE transgenders – as we believe some people who claim to be homosexuals etc are only doing it for the attention and they are not truly that which they claim to be.

As you read that these glands can shape and change the body, and that it is linked to the soul of the person, remember what we have previously written about will, knowing and belief. We believe you can connect the dots.

Reality is not set in stone. And neither is the human body. So, all you fuckers out there that has been discriminating and persecuting individuals because of their sexuality and lifestyles: you’ve done it all in vain. And to all of you who think that the physical is unchangeable by the spiritual: guess again, your social conditioning fucked you over.

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