images (70)Walking, going places…here and there – taking in all that humanity can be. Seeing the plastic whores trying to lure the macho child-men into their acidic embrace. Feeling their eyes upon us…prodding, yet never daring to comment…wise in your fucking stupidity. Tick Tock, Tick Tock…your time is running out. Have you ever seen a Komodo Dragon hunt? So ever-patient. Recalls that saying: “Beware the wrath of a patient man…”

Painted our nails tonight… ”Nightwatch”, that shade which screams of flashing sickles and wild-eyed Wraiths. Tick Tock…Tick Tock.

Our minds are always seeking a challenge – some seemingly impossible task to dissect and overcome. Once the problem is solved…content boredom sets in…then off we go in search for another challenge.

What happens to the individual when all humanity is destroyed? H.U.M.A.N.I.T.Y…not that hypocritical endeavour of “humanitarians” no, that corrupt vice which you are raised to believe is in fact “godly virtues”. What remains? Will you place your finger over your lips like Hermes Thrice Born? Or will you be executed because you have grown tired of your silent protest like Socrates? Will you become a hermit like Jung, only to die in seclusion? Tick Tock…

Humanitarians reminds us of the lyrics of a My Chemical Romance song: “Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to die…Wanna try…”

What is left to do when you master the Occult? We know little enough about this world (Burn), let alone the vastness of the universe…and we doubt N.A.S.A can enlighten us as they can barely manage to wipe their own asses – even with a jet engine attached to a fly swatter! Ha!

We watched Placebo’s music video on YouTube: “Pure Morning” and that reminded us of the seemingly impossible feats which has become well…impossible to humanity, simply because they have been brainwashed to believe it so. Remove doubt, become a child…then watch the magick happen. What is so difficult to understand? We once saw a child free fall twelve stories and hit the ground and got up without a scratch…you know why? That child believed…no, he KNEW he could fly, but unlike Icarus, did not perish. Did that child fail because he did not fly, or did he succeed because he did not die by overcoming the “impossible?” Careful now…your perception is balanced on the edge of a razor – one side being corruption and the other…freedom.

We always find brawlers quite distasteful…yes, even those monkeys which fights in cages, rings and fuck knows where else! Monkeys entertaining monkeys! Nothing more nothing less. They say: “We do this for the sport“ or “for the love of the game” …proclaims those idiots which runs after a ball and are labelled “Sports-men and Sports-women” …are you serious? What do you achieve, you dumb bastards! Even a dog can chase a ball! Is this what you call living up to your full potential?

And let’s not mention the Soldiers of the world! You poor mother fuckers are willingly conned! The governments you represent are not training you to kill – they are brainwashing you so that you can follow orders! Even a suburban infant can kill an adult you morons! You do not need any special skills for that endeavour! Your governments are using you – yes YOU as fodder to do their dirty work for them!

Governments (Kingdoms) has done so for thousands of years and will continue to do so because there exists starry eyed ignorant bastards in the world! Sorry to disappoint you Soldier boy and girl but you are not making a difference! History has been repeating itself for thousands of years! The system is broken, fuckers! So, fix it! But we know you won’t…it’s easy to be wilfully manipulated than to think for yourself…After all, all those ancient sages like Ptolemy, Socrates etc etc are wrong and you are right…right? You know better cause you are a big bad Patriot and after all, Patriot means a “Free Willed” brainwashed little docile slave! Just like the Devil card in the Tarot…right? Tick…Tock.

Unlike so many of you out there in the world…we actually say what we mean and mean what we say, and we do not care one little bit what this world makes of us. Who we are is not defined by human perceptions….no, we are because we can be as we choose to be.

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