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The Magickal Uses of Fauna and Flora

images (77)Most forms of Magick make use of various plants, minerals, stones etc to achieve a particular result in spellwork or evocation. To find a protective or cleansing spell that incorporates Sage and Salt, or a curse that incorporates Asafoetida and Cayenne Pepper is commonplace – but have you ever thought if these things actually carries any Magickal significance whatsoever? Maybe, maybe not – this blog post deals with the subject of how Fauna and Flora works in Magickal Operations as well as why. This will not be an exhaustive discussion at all – however if you want to know more about this, either contact us or refer to our books The Hexagrammaton, The Etheric Keys and The Book of Azarak for more insight on this. Now, on to business…

First, let us give you some advice. As a practitioner, it would be wise for you to investigate the natural sciences from a non-magickal perspective. It will give you a lot of insight on magickal practices and uses if you do so. In this regard, we are referring to the medicinal uses of plants and herbs. By just slightly delving into this topic, you will find a lot of correspondences drawn between the medicinal / physical uses for plants and the magickal uses for them.

As simple examples: Sage is medicinally used to contract blood vessels and to purify the blood (amongst other things) – and magickally is used to cleanse a person or area. See the similarity? Asafoetida is medicinally used to purge the digestive system of any ills, as well as to expel gasses – and magickally is used to either attract negativity or to dispel evil spirits. Salt is used medicinally to cleanse and purge a wound of any malicious infection, as well as to dry it out and seal it – and magickally is used to remove negativity and to protect.

We can go on by listing the similarities between the medicinal uses and the magickal applications of all plants, herbs, elements, stones and animal derivatives…enough to fill an entire encyclopaedia on the subject…but the point here is not to give you a reference book, but rather to prove something.

What came first – the physical application or the magickal application? The irony is that if we give a pregnant woman a tincture of Sage, irrelevant if she knows what it will do to her, her foetus will be aborted by the effects of the Sage – but if we give someone Sage and tell them it is the best herb for cursing, it will work for them…irrelevant if that is the true magickal use of the herb or not. This is where belief and association come in.

You may argue that the Law of Correspondence plays a role here – what it does physically will reflect spiritually, but we beg to differ. If this was the case, then irrelevant of personal belief on the use or disuse of something, the magickal effect will be the spiritual counterpart of the physical effect and cannot be changed by a person’s belief or perception. Placebo or Nocebo does not play a part in this – either it is something or it isn’t. If you disbelieve us, ingest potassium cyanide while believing you will be unaffected by it, and see what happens simple belief is not enough.

Everything in Magick is perception, belief, knowing, will and association – remember this.

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