Necromancy, Spellcraft and Rituals

A Rite of Grand Necromancy

When the Necromancer wishes to contact or initiate tutelage under a Matriarch of Death, he/she must adhere to the following guidelines in order to make a success of this undertaking. If you fail in this endeavour – contact us.

Part One:

• Visit a cemetery on a Wednesday night, exactly 10 pm.

• Leave three coins at the entrance of the cemetery and evoke Centella Ndoki. Collect a handful of dirt at the entrance border. Store this SEPERATELY.

• Find the oldest female grave in the cemetery, marked or unmarked it makes no difference. If you have trouble discovering the grave (in cases of unmarked graves etc) make use of dowsing rods.

• Once discovered, you will collect three pinches of grave dust (the dust upon the upper layer of loose sand or upon the grave slab. Store this in a vial or a pouch. You may also collect any debris or flowers upon the grave and store this as well.

• For best results, the necromancer must dig down as close as possible to the remains and collect a handful of grave sand. There are other more powerful elements you may collect; however, we will not discuss it here.

• If there is a headstone, take a rubbing from it with paper and charcoal…keep this safe with the contents of the pouch.

• The items/materials you collected from the grave will be known as “Rivets”. This is the same as it would be for a living person, which is known as a “simple” or an “object link”.

• When you remove any item, no matter how big or small from the dead, you will give it something in return…so you will place three coins upon the grave or bury it within.

• Once done, you will leave the grave site, however you will halt at the entrance of the cemetery. Evoke Centella Ndoki once again and remind her of your visit. Thank her and leave without looking back. (To look back invites the dead to follow you home – avoid this at all costs as you may attract an unwelcome spirit.)

Remember, Necromancy is unforgiving, and you will pay dearly for any negligence.

• Keep what you harvested hidden for a few days.

Part Two:

• Time of ritual: Monday night, 10pm. Waxing/Full Moon.

• You will place the objects of the Black Harvest (our term for this process) within an unused wooden box. Together with this you will add a black figure of a woman. This can be made from wax or clay; however, the material should be natural.

• Etch/burn the Grand Seal upon the outer lid of the box.

Centella Ndoki
The Grand Seal of Centella Ndoki

• Sprinkle the sand you collected from the entrance of the cemetery around the box.

• You will place a black or purple candle on each of the power points of the Seal (see image), so that you will have THREE candles in total.

Centella Ndoki Points
Candle positions on the seal

• Light the candles as follows:

1. Say: “Atra Cruce” – Then light the top candle

2. Say: “Nigris Transversis Intineribus” – Then light the left candle

3. Say: “Nigrum Infernum” – Then light the right candle

• Knock on the box lid with your left-hand knuckles and speak the words: (Repeat process thrice)

“Centella Ndoki, vini anba, antre abite, Bo la-a, Alekile!”

• Once she arrives, assume the death posture. (Left arm over right arm, crossed at chest, head lowered and eyes closed.) Say the following:

“Allay, Fortission, Allynsen, Roah!”

• Greet her with an offering, such as water, Sangria or sweet fruit.

• State your business with her…then discharge her as follows:

“Centella Ndoki, Dismissa est tu in nomini: Berald, Beroald, Balbin, Gab, Gabor et Agaba.”

…and extinguish the candles in the reverse order you lit them with the corresponding words of stronghold.

Note: This is a very base Necromantic Rite, however it is very potent and extremely dangerous. We strongly urge you to NEVER Evoke/Conjure a random spirit at any time! You will need to develop yourself spiritually in order to dominate another spirit or direct it under your will. Make no mistake that if you dabble in Necromancy, you WILL fall prey to any number of parasitical spirits. Consider yourself warned.

This rite is compiled by us – thus if you wish to share it, remember to give credit where it is due.


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