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Karma Police

karma_police_keepsake_box-re63c9f494e724c3db5207d2c0ae54543_ag9ey_8byvr_307Karma, karma, karma…for some reason, when certain people think about Magick, they think of Karma. That “if you curse someone, you will experience bad things in return” or “if you are a nice person, bad things won’t happen to you”. This blog post is all about our personal view on “karma” which is not based on what we want to have exist or not – but rather based on experience.

We think that the concept of Karma that a lot of people have is actually remotely derived from Cause and Effect. Now, Cause and Effect is something we completely believe in, as we know it to be true regardless of belief in it. If you see an injured tiger in the wild, and you approach it…regardless if you want to help it or not, the tiger will most likely attack you. This does not mean that because you ran a red light 5 years ago, this tiger decided to maul you for sake of karmic retribution – no. The tiger is injured and thus afraid and angry, now you as a human approaches it, a human which is linked to destruction in the tiger’s mind, and it thus attacks. Cause and effect.

The thing about Karma…which to us throws a spanner in its works, is that karma only exists if you believe it to exist. If you don’t believe in it, it does not effect you at all. This is also closely linked to perception. But first, let us quickly define “perception”. Perception…to perceive something…is usually considered as “how you see something as”. This implies using your eyes. No. Perception is not a physical thing created by physical senses alone – perception is unseen…it is mental and spiritual. This is why perception differs so greatly from person to person. Take, for example the ocean. A person who has fond memories of vacations to the beach will think of the ocean as beautiful, calm and relaxing…yet a person who almost drowned in the ocean will be greatly unsettled and weary about it. By itself, the ocean is not relaxing nor unsettling…it just is what it is. That’s the short version of perception.

Now, back to karma and perception – say someone kills someone else, but the person believes or thinks that what they did was good…then they carry no karmic repercussions, as their deed was justified. Or say someone feels terrible that they accidentally spilled their coffee on their shirt that morning…then if something bad happens during the day, they will link that event to the spilled coffee. This being said…we believe ourselves to be good people…yet we assure you that a bunch of others will disagree with this, and call us bad people – regardless of this, karma did not come knocking at our door because we are good or bad.

We find it ironic how the only people effected by karma are those who believe in it. Little do these people know though, is that their belief in it, simply allots it power over them as individuals…it will not effect the entire universe just because someone thinks that it will. It will just effect you.

We personally have never believed in karma at all, and have thus never been effected by it. Although we believe in Cause and Effect, we did not believe it first, and then we saw proof thereof. We saw the proof first, then believed in it. Blind belief is very, very dangerous.

Now you may ask us, but if karma is bullshit, then if someone is an asshole, why do they sometimes get what they deserve? Simply put – Cause and Effect…if you’re an asshole, eventually people will stop taking your shit (as an example).

Another thing about karma…consider this – if karma does exist, why does it only effect people and not insects, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals or plants? If karma was a universal thing, then it would effect everything equally and not just single out humanity! This by itself shows us that karma is something invented by people to keep other people socially “in line”…not unlike the religious “fire and brimstone”. Because the bitch about karma…is that karma conveniently protects what is deemed acceptable by the masses, and it punishes acts which goes against the tide.

Consider this blog post the next time you think about karma…we hope it has granted you a bit more insight on the matter. And please, next time one of you wishes to employ our services or if you do a working yourself…don’t be so concerned that it will somehow take a toll on your life! Magick is neither good nor bad – it just is what it is.

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