Demons, Spirits and Entities, Spellcraft and Rituals

Working With versus Worshipping

For thousands of years humanity have worked with or worshipped gods from all corners of the Earth. Gods like Ea, Baal, Shamash, Tyr, Cernunnos, Orcus, Poseidon etc all have one thing in common, irrespective of cultural differences: Mankind. Humanity has found magnetism within the folds of the unknown - some attributed this magnetism to “The… Continue reading Working With versus Worshipping

Demons, Spirits and Entities

Experience versus ignorance

One of our Facebook friends started a thread stating that the Goetia is nothing but mental constructs; that a few of them aren't, but the vast majority are. So, deciding to voice our opinion, we naturally agreed - after all, we have our experience and evidence to back it up (those of you who bought… Continue reading Experience versus ignorance

Demons, Spirits and Entities

Rather the Demon you know than the Devil you don’t?

In various grimoires, the aspiring mage is introduced to various classes of Demons and how to evoke and constrain them etc. You will never find writings on the construct and origins of "Demons" except references made to some bullshit religious institute or writings. We have a point to make here: these same idiotic references are used… Continue reading Rather the Demon you know than the Devil you don’t?