Necromancy, Spellcraft and Rituals

A Rite of Grand Necromancy

When the Necromancer wishes to contact or initiate tutelage under a Matriarch of Death, he/she must adhere to the following guidelines in order to make a success of this undertaking. If you fail in this endeavour - contact us. Part One: • Visit a cemetery on a Wednesday night, exactly 10 pm. • Leave three… Continue reading A Rite of Grand Necromancy

High Magick, Spellcraft and Rituals

Repetition, repetition, repetition

A condition that seems to be quite rampant in the world of the Occult and Magick is old ideas and information being recirculated time and time again - the only difference being the name under which the work is published or released. For the sake of this arguement, there is nothing wrong with the ideas,… Continue reading Repetition, repetition, repetition

Demons, Spirits and Entities, Spellcraft and Rituals

Working With versus Worshipping

For thousands of years humanity have worked with or worshipped gods from all corners of the Earth. Gods like Ea, Baal, Shamash, Tyr, Cernunnos, Orcus, Poseidon etc all have one thing in common, irrespective of cultural differences: Mankind. Humanity has found magnetism within the folds of the unknown - some attributed this magnetism to “The… Continue reading Working With versus Worshipping

Spellcraft and Rituals

How to perform a successful working

There comes a time when you decide to cast a spell or perform a working...but how will you determine if it is working and not fool yourself into presuming or wishful thinking? Mental masturbation or actual results? The age-old conundrum. In a previous post we mentioned "mastering yourself", and for good reason. Here follows a… Continue reading How to perform a successful working