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The Magickal Uses of Fauna and Flora

Most forms of Magick make use of various plants, minerals, stones etc to achieve a particular result in spellwork or evocation. To find a protective or cleansing spell that incorporates Sage and Salt, or a curse that incorporates Asafoetida and Cayenne Pepper is commonplace – but have you ever thought if these things actually carries… Continue reading The Magickal Uses of Fauna and Flora

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Occult Science: The Contraceptive and Transmutable Biology of Physical Spirituality

Things are never as they are presented to be – this is the motto of this blog post. This post may be longer than our others, and of a very strange topic, however we implore you to read it properly right through to the end, as a few very interesting things will be discussed herein.… Continue reading Occult Science: The Contraceptive and Transmutable Biology of Physical Spirituality

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The Power of Belief

Belief is a very abstract thing. It's not an emotion nor a physical act - but rather a state of mind concerning a matter. Belief is not a standalone thing either actually, we place it under the umbrella term of "knowing". Knowing is a very difficult thing to explain, it is simply knowing something to… Continue reading The Power of Belief

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A Short Piece on Free-Will

Do you value your Free Will? The ability to choose what you want, say what you want, practice what you want, having any opinion you want? Of course you do – everyone in their right minds would value their Free Will…it’s a great part of what makes you, you. Free Will of course plays off… Continue reading A Short Piece on Free-Will

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The truth about dream interpretation

In each of us is another whom we do not know. He speaks to us in dreams and tells us how differently he sees us from the way we see ourselves. - C G Jung Since the dawn of humanity, dreams have both facinated and terrified all who has ever lived. So much so, that… Continue reading The truth about dream interpretation