Prepare to be enlightened…

The measure of a man is what he does with power – Plato

Welcome to Provident Vox – a blog brought to you by Araignee Arcane Services, dedicated to providing much needed, truthful and accurate information concerning everything Magick or Occult orientated!

Even though there might be many blogs and sites out there claiming to offer the same as we – we assure you that what can offer you is much different. For those of you who do not know us nor our work – everything we write, do or say is obtained through our combined 30 years of practical experience in various fields of the Occult Arts…in other words, we aren’t “armchair practitioners”. We also have a no bullshit stance on all the information we provide, and cater to both novice and adepts alike. During the course of this blog, we will abolish misconceptions and misinformation commonly found in the Occult world, as well as share copious amounts of knowledge we have obtained through our years.

Feel free to share any of the content, but give credit where it is due! And of course, if you have any questions on what we write or any suggestions – do not hesitate to comment or get in touch with us!

From here, feel free to go to the blog page or select a category. Since this blog is still in it’s infancy, there may not be a lot of content yet – but we will add new content weekly!

  • Baron & Baronessa Araignee


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