The Valknut Awaits Ragnarok – Audio

Recently we decided to persue an idea we had for quite some time - making a variety of audio files that is of an Occult nature. Chants, invocations, trances...and even music. In all honesty, the only thing that kept us back was our shitty laptop we had since...hell, we cannot even remember. So, now that… Continue reading The Valknut Awaits Ragnarok – Audio


Us, Araignee

Greetings! You know us as "Baron and Baroness(a) Araignee", however there are very few people who ACTUALLY know us. So, we decided to write this post, introducing ourselves (minus formality) and offer you a glimpse of the Magi behind the web. We simply detest speaking to friends and clients through a computer screen, however in… Continue reading Us, Araignee

Demons, Spirits and Entities

Rather the Demon you know than the Devil you don’t?

In various grimoires, the aspiring mage is introduced to various classes of Demons and how to evoke and constrain them etc. You will never find writings on the construct and origins of "Demons" except references made to some bullshit religious institute or writings. We have a point to make here: these same idiotic references are used… Continue reading Rather the Demon you know than the Devil you don’t?

Spellcraft and Rituals

How to perform a successful working

There comes a time when you decide to cast a spell or perform a working...but how will you determine if it is working and not fool yourself into presuming or wishful thinking? Mental masturbation or actual results? The age-old conundrum. In a previous post we mentioned "mastering yourself", and for good reason. Here follows a… Continue reading How to perform a successful working

Tools of the Art

The Secret of Runes, Talismans and Amulets

I carve these corners in bone and stone, and bleed it with my crimson jet, It breathes and writhes, and speaks to I hang upon that ascended tree.... We received a request from Solomon Drake to write upon the subject of Talismans, Amulets and Bind-Runes - its principalities, powers and how it works in conjunction… Continue reading The Secret of Runes, Talismans and Amulets