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The Power of Belief

Belief is a very abstract thing. It's not an emotion nor a physical act - but rather a state of mind concerning a matter. Belief is not a standalone thing either actually, we place it under the umbrella term of "knowing". Knowing is a very difficult thing to explain, it is simply knowing something to… Continue reading The Power of Belief

Occult Science


“Whosoever therefore is desirous to study in this (magick) faculty, if he be not skilled in natural philosophy, wherein are discovered the qualities of things and in which are found the Occult properties of every being, and if he be not skillful in the mathematics, and in the aspects and figures of the stars upon… Continue reading Monstruum

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A Short Piece on Free-Will

Do you value your Free Will? The ability to choose what you want, say what you want, practice what you want, having any opinion you want? Of course you do – everyone in their right minds would value their Free Will…it’s a great part of what makes you, you. Free Will of course plays off… Continue reading A Short Piece on Free-Will

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Repetition, repetition, repetition

A condition that seems to be quite rampant in the world of the Occult and Magick is old ideas and information being recirculated time and time again - the only difference being the name under which the work is published or released. For the sake of this arguement, there is nothing wrong with the ideas,… Continue reading Repetition, repetition, repetition

How Magick Works

How Magick Actually Works – Part 1

There are many people who are curious as to how the Occult/Magick actually works. Without giving away too much, we will reveal the basics on the subject to enlighten the layman and the novice alike. In order to understand Magick you must first grasp the mundane constructs of the Magickal world: 1. Cause and Effect… Continue reading How Magick Actually Works – Part 1