How Magick Works

How Magick Actually Works – Part 1

There are many people who are curious as to how the Occult/Magick actually works. Without giving away too much, we will reveal the basics on the subject to enlighten the layman and the novice alike. In order to understand Magick you must first grasp the mundane constructs of the Magickal world: 1. Cause and Effect… Continue reading How Magick Actually Works – Part 1

How To DIY

Choosing the perfect paradigm

When first entering the world of the Occult, all the different paths and paradigms are undoubtedly quite overwhelming and confusing to the neophyte - in fact, we are often asked by many individuals which path we believe would suit them best. Naturally, we cannot just "order" them to follow a particular path - in fact, no one can… Continue reading Choosing the perfect paradigm